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Developed by best wedding professionals and leading business analysts, Wedforce is a unique service that saves you time and gives you the chance to do what you truly love — to create!

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What is Wedforce

Wedforce is a revolutionary service containing all the necessary tools to run Your wedding business, that brings together the best Photographers, Videographers, Presenters, Organizers, Decorators, Stylists, Entertainers, Musicians, DJ's and Confectioners.

Once you add information about any event to Wedforce, it will be automatically taken by other tools such as:
Calendar, Table, Notes, Costing and Statistics


A new and improved calendar with advanced features. Now all the data is at hand. Names and numbers of clients, links to social networking websites, venue info and other necessary details.


This will show you comprehensive information for all of your work, budgets by months, your profits, the average figures for your region, and much more.
Thanks to the Statistics, you will know the average cost of similar orders in your city, will be informed what price segment are your colleagues in and will be able to know how many orders there are in your region.


You do not need now a spreadsheet to know how much you are earning and spending, taking into account all the costs.
You can see all your costs (payments for assistants, fees for agencies, client meeting expenses, etc.) and to see the actual earnings.


Our website unique feature for meetings with clients. You just fill out all the required fields, set up the schedule, make all entries you need and save the result.
At any moment the briefing can be adjusted or supplemented. And, in the case of a positive decision of the client — during the meeting or any other time — you just need to click one button and your entry is immediately added to all Wedforce sections.

Wedforce today is thousands of professionals from more than 40 countries!

Wedforce is always with you

Wedforce is adapted to all devices and you can add events and use all its functionality from any place with an Internet connection.
But, if you do not have Internet connection, you can use our app to add and view events.

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perhaps, the most advanced system for working in the wedding industry,
— Wedforce.
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